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Take the RAISE the BAR Pledge

The RAISE the BAR pledge is an organizational commitment to yourself, your athletes and parents, your coaches and to the greater sport community that highlights your commitment to supporting quality adult leadership in youth sport with strong standards, quality coaching education and an on going commitment to support and develop coaches in all levels of your organization.


Through your organizational efforts, mission statements, policies AND actions, you can demonstrate and support the following concepts in all your sport programs.

  • Recognize the need for improving physical, personal, and social-emotional skills in young people (sport skill mastery and fostering positive youth development)

  • Athletes first - their needs and interests are considered in sport programming

  • Inclusiveness - all individuals are respected and included

  • Safe environment both physically and emotionally

  • Enjoyable atmosphere encouraged in all sport programming


  • Be educational – commit to educating coaches to achieve mission goals and objectives

  • Active physically – getting kids closer to meeting NPAP standards for physical activity

  • Relationship building - support and care for athletes, parents, and staff

Join the national movement to help make sport a positive experience for youth, parents, and coaches around the country.


When your organization takes the PLEDGE to RAISE the BAR, you will be taking an important step to improving sport for all.



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